About the Conference
Reasons to Attend
      2020 marks the 70thanniversary of the founding of China's carbon black industry. In the past 70 years, with the development of China's rubber industry, China's carbon black industry has developed from small to large and from weak to strong. Today, China's carbon black and silica industry has played an important role in the world. China has been the world's largest carbon black producer and seller for years and the development and trend of its industry has been affecting the development of world carbon black industry. What has China's carbon black industry experienced within 70 years? How will China's carbon black industry develop after its ups and downs? All this has attracted the attention of the world carbon black industry. The world pays attention to China and China also puts its eyes on world. However, the problems of unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable development are still prominent and some structural contradictions are still obvious, so the realization of carbon black industry overall recovery is still a long-term difficult and tortuous process. At present, international situation continues to undergo profound and complex changes and the world multi-polarization and economic globalization is undergoing in-depth development. Domestic carbon black enterprises are rapidly adjusting their development strategy to promote reform and innovation, to change the way of operation, to adjust the product structure and to open up new space for development. On this basis, there is more urgent need for the whole carbon black industry to communicate with each other and adhere to win-win and common development. The industry needs to abandon old idea and establish a win-win new concept while taking into account the interests of other parties in the pursuit of their own interests so as to promote common development. 
      As the largest and most influential academic conference on carbon black in China, Carbon Black China (CBC) has been held successfully for 16 sessions (one session every two years). For about 30 years, Carbon Black China has been playing an important and positive role in building consensus among the carbon black industry, spreading industry information and promoting the sound and rapid development of China’s carbon black industry. CBC has been a large platform for carbon black industry to discuss development and innovation. At the same time, Carbon Black China has also become a platform of basing on China, and developing into Asia and the world. Against the background of reforming and innovating carbon black technology, the conference seeks win-win situation for the industry.
      Carbon Black China 2020 will stick to the theme of science and technology, build an information exchange platform for friends from home and abroad and inject new vigor to internationalize China’s carbon black industry. The conference will attract over 100 carbon black/silica producers, material/equipment suppliers, institutes and colleagues. Presentations and papers will cover technology, economy, process, feedstock oil, raw material, equipment, testing, application, silica, new carbon material, low carbon and environmental protection etc. Some elites, senior experts and representative of industrial organizations in world carbon black industry will be invited to make wonderful key-note speech. Meanwhile, 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of China's carbon black industry, experts and and scholars in the industry will gather together to attend the grand academic conference.
      Carbon Black China 2020 will provide an opportunity of exchange and communication for carbon black producers and suppliers of materials, equipment as well as feedstock oil, so that they can improve mutual understanding and trust, discuss the updated development and future strategy of carbon black industry, have a comprehensive and in-depth insight into the current global carbon black industry, in particular, the competition and the technology development trends in Asia-Pacific Region.
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